Holy Patron Series

The Holy Patron Range is a select range of Releigous scenes.  Each scene comes with a Patron and the Rosary emblem, which can be removed from the scene if desired.

All Images below are shown as 24" x 12" markers.  See Lawn Markers homepage for the range of sizes available



Holy-Patron-Blessed-Mother-     Infant-of-Prague-24x12

Holy Patron -                                 Holy Patron - 

Blessed Mother                              Infant of Prague

 (shown on Rock Edge with Uralla Vase)                                      (shown on Elite Bevel Edge)


Holy-Patron-Jeses-Merciful-     Holy-Patron-Sacred-Heart-24

Holy Patron -                                 Holy Patron - 

Jesus Merciful Redeemer               Sacred Heart

 (shown on Rock Edge with Tri Scrolls)                                       (shown on Rock Edge)


Holy-Patron-St-Anthony-24x1     Holy-Patron-St-Francis-24x1

Holy Patron -                                 Holy Patron - 

St Anthony                                     St Francis

 (shown on Rock Edge with Uniscrolls)                                        (shown on Rock Edge with Tr-Scrolls)


St-Joseph-and-Baby-Jesus-24     St-Joseph-the-Worker-24x12

Holy Patron -                                 Holy Patron - 

St Joseph and Baby Jesus               St Joseph the Worker

 (shown on Wood Edge)                                                                  (shown on Wood Edge)


 Holy-Patron-St-Paul-24x12     Our-Lady-of-Mount-Carmel-24    

 Holy Patron -                                Holy Patron - 

St Paul                                           Our Lady of Mt Carmel

 (shown on Rock Edge)                                                                  (shown on Elite Bevel Edge)